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Welcome to Porreca Law Office, a Massachusetts law firm that offers Criminal Defense, Immigration, DUI/OUI, and Personal Injury law services. Whether you face a criminal charge or severe immigration issue, or need legal assistance after an injury, a skilled attorney can help you obtain the best outcome. Learn how Porreca Law Office assists clients in matters of Criminal Law, Immigration and Personal Injury.

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Deportation Proceedings, Naturalization, Criminal Matters related to Deportation, Visa and Citizenship Issues are just a few of the issues we can help you to start to resolve today. Let us walk you through the process.

Immigration Attorney Fiore Porreca maintains a law office in Attleboro and serves clients from Norfolk County, Bristol County, Suffolk County and Plymouth County in Massachusetts and from Windham County in Connecticut. Attorney Porreca and his colleagues at Porreca Law Office deliver compassionate, caring, and effective representation. The firm’s chief practice areas include Criminal Defense, DUI/OUI, Immigration law, and personal injury.

The attorneys at Porreca Law Office welcome anyone in Eastern Connecticut or Southeastern Massachusetts who has a legal claim and needs trusted counsel. Clients of any age, ethnicity, income level, and background are welcomed. Every legal client can rely on personalized legal representation, aggressive legal advocacy whether in pre-trial or on appeal, and comprehensive legal explanations that allow our clients to make informed decisions regarding their case.

How the Firm of Porreca Law Office Can Help You

Imagine that you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, faces drunk driving charges, or is facing deportation as a result of an immigration hurdle. During a stressful time like this, an attorney can provide invaluable guidance on every stage of the legal proceedings. It may be tempting to represent yourself during a legal charge, but the reality is that an attorney can advocate more effectively for your rights under the law.

The firm of Porreca Law Office takes pride in their service, providing comprehensive explanations to clients of every phase of the legal process. No matter what the situation, the law can be confusing. Let our attorneys explain to you your legal options, recommend the best option for your specific situation, and work tirelessly for your rights under the law.

Explore Attorney Porreca’s legal services to learn more about the legal counsel offered by the firm’s attorneys. When you have suffered a trauma or crisis, hire an attorney to give yourself peace of mind and focus your energies on mental and emotional healing – not on representing yourself in court.

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