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A visa or status as a naturalized citizen can change your life and the lives of your loved ones. Given the exciting opportunities that await, it is not worth leaving your immigration status up to chance. Instead, it is in your best interest to work with a respected law firm such as Porreca Law Office. The right immigration lawyer can guide you through the complex visa application or naturalization process and maximize your chances of becoming a permanent resident or a full-fledged citizen. Look to Fiore Porreca of Porreca Law Office for assistance with everything from green card applications to deportation defense.

Visa Services

If you would like to obtain a visa or extend an existing one, you can benefit from a consultation with Fiore Porreca, Esq. His law firm provides a variety of essential visa services, including petitions for K1, K3, and CR visas. The petition process can be very confusing, so it is important to work with a knowledgeable legal professional. Fiore Porreca’s in-depth understanding of immigration law will prove incredibly useful as you attempt to secure legal resident status.


You love living in the United States, but now, you feel ready to take the next step and become a naturalized citizen. This lofty goal can be achieved with Fiore Porreca’s help. His assistance has paved the path to citizenship for numerous clients. These clients greatly appreciate his willingness to provide in-depth information and feedback regarding the complicated naturalization process.

Deportation and Removal

Deportation can be devastating, particularly for those with family members residing in the United States. Fortunately, all hope is not lost the moment you receive an order of removal; the right lawyer may be able to help you avoid the pain of leaving your loved ones. A compassionate attorney who understands the high stakes nature of deportation cases, Fiore Porreca fights to ensure that his clients are able to remain in the United States. He utilizes a variety of effective strategies, including asylum, adjustment of status, and cancelation of removal. No one strategy is appropriate for all clients, so Fiore Porreca offers individualized service to all those at risk of deportation.

Fiore Porreca: Providing High-Quality Immigration Services through Porreca Law Office

Whether your current legal concerns involve deportation or naturalization, you can depend on Porreca Law Office for compassionate counsel and zealous courtroom representation. Fiore Porreca truly cares about the well being of his clients and desires nothing more than to see them achieving their dreams in the United States.

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